David Lynch gives a talk on creativity and the consciousness, exploring the use of transcendental meditation.

Carl Jung, the 20th Century psychologist spoke of the ‘transcendent function’; a process by which the unconscious brain creates an antithesis to a thought in the conscious, and then attempts to bridge the gap to dialectically reach a further, improved understanding.

Explore your unconscious, to continually expand your conscious.

This is agreed upon. However, the scientific principals behind the “pure consciousness” desired through Transcendental Meditation are not only analogous, but are claims without backing from expert Physics communities outside of the Maharishi International University.

There may be much to gain from meditation from a psychological perspective, but understand that the scientific parallels to the Unified Theory are considered heavily flawed by many reputable sources. Just bear this in mind.



Carl Jung, the ground-breaking psychologist, spoke of the Persona as one of the Archetypes a person moves through during their psychological development.

Only most are stuck in the Persona.

The Persona is the mask we learn to create and then wear as we adapt to the expectations of our family, our peers, our society and then the world at large.

The Persona is our conformity to the rules, traditions, values and guidelines that we understand will aide us in “fitting in” and being “normal”. It is the adherence to what others want us to be, in order to succeed and not be outcast.

Where as a truly healthy psyche, that has reached or is reaching its own personal enlightenment in terms of understanding its unconscious and expanding its consciousness, is inner-directed, the Persona, the mask we wear, is other-directed and tradition-directed.

Inner-directed = autonomous, thinking for oneself, making decisions without coercion or conformity to outside pressure.

Other-directed = decisions are based on the consensus of others, behavior is determined by the rules of others and dictated by convention.

Tradition-directed = tradition, long held values and beliefs, religion and constitutional rules are the biggest influence on one’s behavior and actions.

The Persona is usually moralistic, and whilst having strong morals and values can be good for the individual and the society as a whole, these morals usually become hypocritical. People are more concerned with being “viewed” as good, than actually doing truly good deeds themselves. The Persona, in the modern world, is more about impressing others, keeping up appearances and keeping your deviance undetected.

Similar to Freud’s Super-Ego, the Persona is there to protect us from breaking the rules that would otherwise lead us to condemnation and rejection from others. But, in the modern world, most people have worn their Persona for so long, that the masks have grown hooks and embedded themselves on the wearer’s face. It becomes impossible to distinguish between the person’s true nature and their Persona, even for the individual themselves. They become so wrapped up in a fallacy, in living a lie, that they become the lie.

There are multiple archetypes and components that feed into Jung’s personality types, such as the introvert and extrovert, the thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition archetypes, and they all place a role in the formation of the Persona. If we add the category of sympathy and empathy, we can begin to look at the effect of this on the Persona.

Sympathy and empathy are not the same, though they are often confused. Empathy is the process with which one understands the experiences, fears, hopes and feelings of the other. Sympathy is the true sharing and connecting of those emotions.

An example often sited to explain the difference between sympathy and empathy is the Nazis empathy for the Jews during the Holocaust. Yes, they did empathize, for they needed to be able to put themselves in the shoes of the Jews to understand how to manipulate them.

Through the process of transferring millions of victims to concentration camps, the Nazis wanted to ensure minimum panic and realization. By disguising the concentration camps as a stopping off point for the Jews to rest and wash under hot showers, they coerced millions into the gas chambers and to their death without fuss.

Because of their ability to empathize with the anxiety and exhaustion of the Jews, the Nazis were able to understand their victims and use that understanding against them.

With empathy, one can just as easily harm the other with the understanding they hold of their situation. Sympathy, however means connecting with those fears, sharing their pain. A person sympathizing with the scared victims would not be able to harm them, for it would be the same as harming themselves.

Sympathy allows us to become one with others, a collective. This is what the world has lost at large. The Persona has learned empathy, and favored it in place of sympathy which requires a greater emotional investment. With the pretense that goes into designing and wearing one’s mask, the individual and therefore the group have foregone the truth and honesty necessary to truly connect on a deeper level with their fellow man.

According to the 2010 Arab Public Opinion Poll conducted by the University of Maryland, principally investigated by Shibley Telhami, only 3% of Arabs ’empathize’ with the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust. The correct word that should have been used here is sympathize, for hopefully 97% of Arabs can at least ‘understand’ what it would have felt like to be rejected and then murdered because of their race and religion; even if they don’t care, or believe that the Jews deserved it. On the other hand, if empathize is the right word, then what percentage actually sympathized?

It should also be pointed out, that despite the recent history still fresh in the minds of Jews across the world, very few of them seem to sympathize with the persecution of the Palestinians by Israel. Once again, the mask just reflects the behavior as expected and accepted by the society and group you wish to belong to. If the Jews in Israel were able to connect through sympathy, the Israeli government would not be allowed by its people to continue disregarding the human rights of the Palestinian prisoners.

The mask wearers sole preoccupation is to follow the herd, to believe what others believe, to condemn what others condemn, to agree with their fellow mask wearers in a surface only solidarity, where each says to the other “I won’t look under your mask to see nothing left there anymore, if you promise not to look under mine”

The Persona, in the modern world, is a hypocritical morality, void of sympathy, where misused empathy reins supreme. The mask, in its attempt to protect ourselves, has taken over from the true vulnerable face of humanity.

“Next to love, sympathy is the divinest passion of the human heart”
Edmund Burke

“To be in one’s own heart in kindly sympathy with all things; this is the nature of righteousness”

Sympathy is a much deeper and stronger connection with someone else than empathy ever could be. Sympathy is becoming the other person, where empathy is merely reading their diary. Sympathy is feeling the same sting when they are cut, where empathy is looking at the after photos.

Empathy is projecting yourself onto others, imagining how you would react or feel if you experienced what they were experiencing. Sympathy IS experiencing that same thing, because you have become one through a genuine care for the other.

Drop the mask, bare your true face and connect with others on a deeper level, getting to truly know yourself and the other person. Sympathy will then come naturally.


Do you ever feel that YOU and this WORLD are incompatible? That either YOU or this WORLD, one or the other, has lost its way? Maybe both?

Do you ever feel that the WORLD is an intricate web of deceit and illusion? That man-made constructs such as politics, religion, entertainment, fashion, business, economy, nationality, borders and wars, all exist to keep YOU subdued. To keep YOU deaf and dumb and blind.

Do you ever feel a wave of irritation surging through your psyche and body; a need to get out, to be more, to understand more?

Do you ever feel that from birth, your life has been guided to fly under the radar, to become no more than a WORKER BEE producing honey to be tasted only by the ELITE?

Do you ever feel that it’s time to break everything apart, so that YOU can rebuild yourself to your full potential, free from the psychological and physical constraints the WORLD has placed on you?

Do you ever feel?

MOST people dance to a song without listening. YOU hear a myriad of meanings in every lyric.

MOST people back political groups, hoping for change and development. YOU know that the only changes ‘allowed’ are those to maintain control over the masses.

MOST people follow without question the authority of religion, disregarding the hypocrisy that they are being preached. YOU see through the secret veil of hate that each of the Abrahamic religions propagate.

MOST people live in fear of an illusory after life. YOU are determined to live for today.

MOST people amble through life, sticking to the path. YOU have strayed some time ago, and until now never understood why you felt so lost.

MOST people don’t question the hypocrisies they digest, or realize those they spit out themselves. YOU find it hard to stomach the lies being lived in front of your eyes.

MOST people will watch a movie; waiting for the CGI / car crash / gore fest / amazing stunt / sex scene / whatever. YOU take in the message / understand the story’s meaning / care about the characters. This is true in life too, not just movies.

MOST people complain, despise and hold suspicion over others; the others down the road, others over the hill, others across the sea, other religions, the OTHERS. YOU take the time to assess your own mind first.

MOST people remain in constant ignorance, zombies scratching the surface at best. YOU are digging deep, and you long to find those prepared to join you on this journey.

This is the journey. Individuation.

Release from the Opium Virus.

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